General guidelines for better couples’ communication

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Good communication and a safe emotional attachment makes for a happy and healthy couplehood.


Loula Koteas‘s insight:

1. Remove the blame from your comments.

2. Be as specific as possible.

3. Say how you feel by using the personal pronoun "I".

4. Don’t criticize your partner’s personality.

5. Don’t insult, mock or use sarcasm.

6. Stick with one situation.

7. Don’t try to analyze your partner’s personality.

8. Don’t mind read.

9. Learn how to deal with each other with emotional responsiveness

(People in a couplehood need to feel that their attachment is safe).


 Questions depicting safe attachment:

1. Are you there for me?

2. Do I matter to you.

3. Am I special to you?Do you cherish me?

4. Will I come first?

5. If I need you and call will you come?


If you have the sense that the answers to the above question are an unequivocal "yes"- your emotional bond is safe and strong.