UCLA Loneliness Scale

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How lonely are you?

Loula Koteas‘s insight:

INSTRUCTIONS: Indicate how often each of the statements below is descriptive of you.
C indicates “I often feel this way”
S indicates “I sometimes feel this way”
R indicates “I rarely feel this way”
N indicates “I never feel this way”
1. I am unhappy doing so many things alone O S R N
2. I have nobody to talk to O S R N
3. I cannot tolerate being so alone O S R N
4. I lack companionship O S R N
5. I feel as if nobody really understands me O S R N
6. I find myself waiting for people to call or write O S R N
7. There is no one I can turn to O S R N
8. I am no longer close to anyone O S R N
9. My interests and ideas are not shared by those around me O S R N
10. I feel left out O S R N
11. I feel completely alone O S R N
12. I am unable to reach out and communicate with those around me O S R N
13. My social relationships are superficial O S R N
14. I feel starved for company O S R N
15. No one really knows me well O S R N
16. I feel isolated from others O S R N
17. I am unhappy being so withdrawn O S R N
18. It is difficult for me to make friends O S R N
19. I feel shut out and excluded by others O S R N
20. People are around me but not with me O S R N
Make all O’s =3, all S’s =2, all R’s =1, and all N’s =0.