Do you think I’m crazy

Do you think I’m crazy?

I am often asked how it is that I can listen to peoples’ problems and not have my life affected in a damaging way..

What happens in the therapy room stays in the therapy room …which doesn’t mean that I do not not give a second thought outside of that room to the wonderful people that have in such a significant way entrusted me with their lives… I do think of them but not in a way that is debilitating to me… I learn from all of them… And yes… Vicariously get healed through them because when two souls come together in such a way… this is bound to happen..

Which brings me to yesterday….

A patient I had not seen in years came..

For the obvious reasons I will not reveal any information that will compromise his privacy and his identity..

A very successful man… The top in his field worldwide..

It turns out that short of some miracle he has a year to live at best two..

He told me he would like to spend this last chapter of his life by going individually with each of his adult children on adventurous travels…as they had once done before…and they are happy to do this with him again..

His dilemma is wrapped in guilt because his wife would rather he stay put in a routine that involves their work, staying home and sitting on the couch in the evenings and watching television..

I am not in the business of telling people what to do but in the business of helping them find their own solutions..

However, in this case.. time is of the essence…

As he was excruciatingly struggling between his desire to see more of the world and not causing his wife pain..

I intervened by saying” Imagine that you are lying in your bed and the end is hours or minutes away… And said to yourself … Thank God I stayed home … Sat on my couch and watched television.”

“Thank you “he said.. ” that is a good way of putting it”..

He looked hopeful… ” Do you think I’m crazy for wanting this?” ” There is nothing crazy about you”.. I added..

” But I am not like everyone else”, he said.. as if it were a bad thing..

” That’s the best thing about you..that you are not like everyone else.” I added..

As he walked out of the door he looked like a load was taken off of him and he left me with a renewed appreciation for life and how precious our time here on earth is..

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